Why can’t we live without facebook?

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Thirty years ago, to talk to each other, people would just go out and meet in the street or in a bar. Nowadays, these habits have changed. In fact, now most people simply communicate behind screens with different social media platforms such as Facebook.

Indeed, Facebook is the largest social networking service. Created by Mark Zucherberg, the number of active users has increased from a million in the early days in 2004 to one billion in 2012.

Nowadays, everybody uses Facebook to share posts, pictures and also to communicate with their friends and people from all around the world. This service has, in some way, become a tool to keep contact with different persons from different parts of the world in a few seconds. Many people of all generations have become quite hooked on Facebook and let their friends know several times a day what is going on in their daily lives. Communication for the new Y generation has changed utterly, for better or for worse thanks to social media, particularly Facebook.

Companies also use Facebook to reach a larger public for their new products. Facebook has become one of the most important communication platforms in the business world. It is now an essential part of any communication plan, be the company little or large.

Why can’t we live without facebook?

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