Gasquet in semifinal in Beijing

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Gasquet in semifinal in Beijing

Tennis is one of my favorite sports. There are a lot of great players to talk about but I want to focus on a French player, Richard Gasquet, whose evolution is remarkable. He won yesterday in Beijing against David Ferrer. On this photo we can see his outburst of joy. He must be tremendously proud of his achievement, even if Ferrer hadn’t the same level as in Roland-Garros when he played the final. Now Gasquet has a technical ease, he became more serious, has changed his state of mind and he needed it or else he wouldn’t have reached this level. Indeed, in 2009, he tested positive to cocaine and was suspended twelve months. He was considered as a child prodigy of french tennis but he took a very long time to manage to enter the top ten. Thanks to his efforts, he beats Ferrer twice (the first time in the US Open) and today he is number ten at ATP race. The semifinal is today, against Djokovic, it will be hard but he has a chance. We know that he will do his best !

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Théophile FERVARI 14/10/2013 15:39

I just think that they haven't the level to beat Nadal and the others... I don't think that it's a story of state of mind...

Gonnord Tristan 13/10/2013 18:19

I want to comment this post because I played tennis during 10 years ( I stoped 2 years ago) and also to talk about the french tennis players. The french tennis players are often under the 10 best in junior ranking but the when the have to reach the 10 first places in the main ranking they have a lot of problem. Richard Gasquet's exemple is for me the best one. Gasquet reached the 1st palce of juniors ATP rankig in 2002 he was considered as one of the most talentfull players in the world but he never manage to get into the TOP 5. Why ? Just he can answer this question ! As for me Gasquet ,like every young french player who is good, never learned to win like a player like Djokovic. I think that franch players haven't the sate of mind needed to beat players like Nadal or Djokivic and less to be number 1 in the main ranklist. What do you think about it ?