Help Mercedes to pay his laborers !

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Help Mercedes to pay his laborers !

We decided to help Mercedes for our associative project. We found Mercedes on and we immediatly wanted to help him because his situation is touching. We are going to describe it :
Mercedes a 62-years-old boy, lives near Morropon in Peru, in the north west of Peru. He behoves in a community dedicated to commerce and agriculture. He cultivates and sells principally rice to survive.
With the help of his family, Mercedes works hard to earn money.
So, to have a better life, he needs your help to pay laborers who will help him to works in his fields.
Without your donations, he can't cultivate his rice and provide for his family.

So he needs your help to survive. If you want to help Mercedes, you can connect on his Kiva page where you will found more informations about his situation and you will donate some money to ameliorate his life every day.

You can share this article to help Mercedes !

Thanks for your attention.

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