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Hi everybody!

Today we are going to talk about a famous application on iPhone and Android: Strava. This free application allows runners and bikers to analyze their training. A GPS or a smartphone is required. How does it work? While biking, the users press the button “play” and “stop” to register the session and when they are back home, they connect on to see their course, their time, the distance, the elevation and many other datas… Thanks to the numerous features, a lot of professional sportsmen use Strava every day (Pinot, Ten Dam…). Moreover, you can challenge your friends. You have to find a segment near your home on (generally, segments are small climbs) and you are challenged to get the best time among people who have already run through the segment. If you win, you are King Of Mountain (or Queen Of Mountain), a very prestigious title!!!

So, we are waiting for you on Strava! ;)

Connect on strava !

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