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Sherry Turkle explains on her talk how technology changed our lives. Today, People are always connected at work, at home ... We can see that many teenagers are connected all the time . They always need to text or to be on social network . It permits them to not to be alone . But technologies give them the illusion of companion ship. If parents doesn't teach they children to be alone they just will know how to be lonely . Moreover , they didn't develop the relation face to face because they sacrifice for online conversation . During breakfast for example some parents and children use their cell-phone , so they don't have conversation . It can be a problem because a children needs to develop face to face relationships and it can compromise their capacity for self-reflection . We can also see the woman who lost her child . She was talking to a robot who seems to care about her . She just needs someone who will listen when others won't . She could talk to someone but she didn't do , she preferred to talk to a robot. She shows us the problem of human connection : we don't listen each other . We must prevent technologies take over our real life. The connection is so easy and we can exchange freely in a world without borders and without boundaries. Social networks help put us back in touch with old friends and maintain relationships. Plus , we idealizes our image on our profiles because we control what we say and what we show . But it can have adverse effects on our well-being, therefore , we must limit our connection. To conclude , having real conversation, listening each other , spending time with friends is more beneficial than send messages and to spend time on social networks.

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